#Film is not Dead


A Hashtag you definitely will see more often on social networks. Many photographers look back! Back to the glory times when film was the only medium. In case you´re a photographer, thinking of being a real photographer, not those clickers, making 1000 shots per minute on auto mode, you know that film is transporting more deepness, dynamics, sharpness, than any digital camera could do without photoshop.  Of course we all use a DSLR as I do, because its comfort and speed. But when I got the chance I shoot analog stuff.

There are various reasons for what you will become a much better photographer if you use film. First of all you don´t see the pictures you take.  By that you over think the motive thousand times, cause you wanna have no waste, film is f**** expensive. Also you are really getting a feeling for what light is available and how to work with it. You think about exposure, aperture, Iso and of course the result of those 3 – the sharpness.

If you use your abilities you got from analog photography, and combine those when your shooting digital, you will notice a big difference in how think more about every single shot. That is what I can say for sure!

For myself, I got a few Canon AEs and old SLRs, all 35 mm. The great thing about 35 mm analog SLRs is:

– They are not too expensive, 30-70 € on Ebay.

– There is still heeps of companies which produce film.

-Nearly every drugstore or electronic market develops negativs for real good money.


There are few possibilities to boost analog pictures to their maximum. For example – Medium Format! A few weeks ago I bought a really cheap Mamiya 645 – 6 cm x 4,5 cm Film, booom!


You see its everything in there you need to start immediately. And all that for 250 €! I have to admit it was definitely a good shot. In this condition with all the stuff included it should be easily 600 €.

For the first shots I had just very old films, they´ve been in a box for more than 20 years. I was excited though, must come out very instagrammi pictures haha.

And so it was:

bänke ende

You can clearly see the grain, blue colour is pretty strong. It looks kinda nice though! Today I picked up my first black and white Ilford negatives from the drugstore. For me the results are very impressive:

peps schilf1 schilf2

I love this stuff, its just great and it feels so good to finally get the negatives back you wanted to look at so bad! You now might wonder how you get those pics digitalized.  A possibility is a negative scanner. I have a Canon 9000F which is really great.


Here is a screenshot of the Software which is really awesome too:


It reduces scratches as well as noise. You can do precolour adjustments and corrections. 3 templates are included, 120 film, 35 mm film and dias. Highest scan resolution is 9600 dpi, which is fuckin great. Finally you give your pics a tonal correction in photoshop and you´ll get great results.

I´m waiting for 5 Ilford films to post. Stay tuned!





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