DIY – Your own Surf Skate (Easy Version)

Hey Folks,

some of you, especially the surfers may have heard the term “Surfskate”. I will explain a little about it. First of all its a Skateboard, which is made for practicing your surf abilities. The main difference to a normal cruiser or longboard is the trucks. There are a few manufacturers which produce different kinds of surf trucks. The best in my opinion are the “Carver” ones. The one negative point is the price. There is no distribution in Europe so far, thats why they are so expensive. In Germany, 2 or 3 online shops offer them for about 170 €, which is 50 % more than in the US.

So lets start with the deck:

We made it quite easy, and just bought a 1m x 1m multiplex plate. Then I designed the shapes in photoshop in the exact proportions the boards will be.



I sent those 2 shapes in pdf format to my local print store. They printed the 90 cm x 25 cm shapes with their largest printer, that means you´ll get it in one piece. Now we could transfer the shapes onto the multiplex plate.



When transferred you´ll need a jigsaw. We took a multiplex 18 mm thick, which is definitely strong enough up to 80 kg.


Because I am not a Jigsaw artist, the board wasn´t really symetric, so we had to sand it multiple times. One of my best mates is a carpenter and it was more than great, that we could use his machines.


Now comes a secret part I am not going to explain, but it will light in the dark without electricity.


The finish part is mounting the trucks and the grip tape. The Board is ready to dala!

Here is a video of my first turns:


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