Its all about attitude – Why a one day road trip makes you happy

Daily life can be hard, that is what fits to most of us.

You can either live with it or do something about it. People have lots of excuses when it comes to make their life in any way better or at least a bit more comfortable. We all know it – “got no time”, “have stuff to do”, “got no money”, bla, bla!

You know what, fuck that!

What the majority of people forget, is that you don´t need 2 weeks or 2000 € cash to get awesome time outs. It can be a weekend road trip, or even a day trip. Just fucking do it. It is not as exhausting as you would think. People got so damn lazy, its all about chilling, hanging out on facebook or instagram. There is soo much to do out there. When was the last time you dreamed about just getting away from everything? Probably last night, so why not just do it?

As often as it´s possible I just get into my car and drive to the closest beach, mountain, whatever. Same for flights, those are so cheap in nower times. Ryanair, Germanwings, Easy Jet… Not even 100 € if not cheaper you can be anywhere in Europe. The nearest beach from my hometown is 600 km away, it is in Italy. I´ve been there several times, just because the experience itself makes it totally worth. Friends ask me all the time “Why the fuck are you driving 12 hours to sit at a beach? Easy question. Grab a good friend and you will notice that you hadn´t such good, long conversations for a long time. Thats because you´re so busy with life – friends come short nowadays. 6 hours feel like not even 2. You´re talking about old funny stories, gossips, ladies whats o ever. Next aspect – is looking out of your window, you see landscapes, never knowing they have been there. Finally you arrive, sun is shining, the ocean shimmers sky blue, you definitely begin to appreciate the trip. Surfboards getting waxed, neos getting dressed, and fun begins.

What we are talking about here is all about ATTITUDE!

I recently had a moment where I totally understood why Attitude is so important. It happened 3 months ago, I have been with my girlfriend at Jeffreys Bay South Africa. The Surf at this time isn´t really the best there. But as strange as destiny is, the waves were just perfect and I shared one of the worlds best break with just a little bunch of other chilled dudes. This happened for 2 days. The third was not really a good day, strong winds and little surf. In face of all logic I went into the water, cause Dude, I was in fucking Jbay! After approx 30 mins I got out cause it got really really bad. On the way back to the hostel, I ran across two local surfers I met the night before. I told them that the surf is really bad, they should rather drink a beer. The one laughed and said:

“Dude its all about fucking attitude, we´re surfing here for a long time now,of course we have seen better, but fun is happiness despite of really bad conditions”

They gave me a friendly smile and ran into the water. That was a mental moment for me. I know I am the same type of human,  I like to live every moment, but in this moment it was way more clear for me. It is so true that you generate your own momentum of happiness. That sets the ones apart from the others. To realize that, some take ages and others will never get it. But once you have realized it, your life can be way better.

While you read this you definitely got excited, at least I hope so. My last sentence is a classic, lots of people say it, but haven´t got any clue what it really means.

Life is to short to sit in front of a computer!


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